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Originally Posted by C.Killmaster View Post
Just an FYI, the bag limit is set in law. It states that the limit SHALL be 10 antlerless and 2 antlered, WRD does not have the authority to further limit it to anything less than 12.
That is good to know. My position is a general "there might be a problem," more than a "the limit is the problem." Stating limits is just my way of summarizing the concept of the current approach.

Originally Posted by C.Killmaster View Post
Further, based on all the analysis I've done the limit has no real effect on the total deer harvest at this point. If I made the rules and it were my intention to decrease harvest, the ideal tool would be a decrease in doe days..
I respect your wisdom here. And will from now forward believe that a reduction in doe days might be necessary in targeted areas which have experienced over harvest. And that makes sense, really. Back when there were doe days, even though the people I hunted with were not really "ethical," nobody ever shot a doe except on those days it was legal.

Originally Posted by C.Killmaster View Post
If you are specifically interested in decreasing the limit I strongly recommend focusing your effort where it will do the most good and contact your legislative representatives, rather than WRD or web forums.
The link you posted indicated that there was an idea to raise the limit to 15, but WRD did not agree. It was my belief that WRD also exercised a level of influence over the legislation. I don't claim to know more than my experiences. However, I did learn, from your post here, and I believe you, that doe days are a more effective tool than limits. That is a positive from my perspective anway. Also, the other posters explanation of stats helped a lot as well.

I have only been around this forum for a year, so I am a "newbie." It seems to me that this forum represents a free exchange of ideas amongst outdoorsmen in the context of couteous discussion. I attempt to do that.

And thank you for your efforts at maintaining a quality deer herd in this state.
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