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Originally Posted by JB0704 View Post
In which case I was correct in stating that the current regs rely on hunters. That was my only point there. Getting with other landowners and clubs only works to the extent they are willing to cooperate. Otherwise, you are stuck like me, looking for another lease. Elfiii, you say it is a problem of controlling other people, I would agree.
I know. I was reinforcing what you were saying. The only place I disagree is the problem is not controlling other people. The problem is other people controlling themselves. Until deer clubs start outlawing "brown and down" and start doing responsible stewardship of the resource on their own, what you get will be what you get.

I'm still not in favor of using the law to punish everybody when the reality is only a few are guilty. As Charlie and the article in the popular guide point out, it is impossible for WRD to recommend a "one size fits all" deer management plan and it is impracticable for them to attempt to do one that is localized by county. Do you really want 159 different sets of deer hunting rules for this state? Do you think such a system is both manageable and enforceable?

It appears the only real solution is for deer hunters to "get real" just like the duck hunters and the turkey hunters have had to do.
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