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Default Amicalola Falls Stockers!!

Just wanted to share a great opportunity for the kids at Amicalola Falls State Park for some nice rainbow trout fishing. The state stocks the reflection pond at the base of the falls weekly and made for some fun fishing with my two oldest girls this past weekend. They caught 28 total in two sits using powerbait rigged Carolina style so the bait could float up about 1.5 feet from the bottom. It's an 8 fish limit per person, but we threw them all back in for others to enjoy the action like we had. We even had a very nice young girl approach us and ask numerous questions which eventually led to her catching her "first" fish ever from one of our poles and she was excited for sure!

There were people in my opinion abusing the 8 per person limit by applying that catch towards each and every toddler they had with them, but as I was leaving The Warden was pulling in, so not sure how that went down for that particular guy and I'm glad to know it was being patrolled, so better have a license and trout stamp if you decide to go. This place is easily accessible for the handicapped and elderly, so if you have an old grandpa or grandma you think would like a fishing trip, here is your place to make a few more memories with them and get some fresh eating trout while doing so. Can't beat the view either.

Well done by the GA Fish Hatchery's in my books.
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