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Default Easy Grow Food Plot Ideas?...

I have a decent size clear cut I plowed in late July early August. Around 80 yards long, 20 yards wide. Looking to plant something that will grow easily. I planted Rye in August, it came up but dried out and died soon after. I know I know it was WAY too early to plant. It grew in thin and in spot, it is in constant sun light. I am looking to plant something here within the next few weeks. I was thinking clover?? I want something that is tough. Something that is easy to grow. And something that will last through deer season. I also thought about a winter peas, rye and radish mix. I am definetily going to plant a strip of black eyed peas down one side of the plot. Just curious as to how it will grow and with stand the deer pop. Any ideas guys? I would ideally just want to rake the plot, scratch up the soil and throw the seed out by hand. I have no access to equipment now other than hand tools. Thanks.
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