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Originally Posted by Atlanta Dawg View Post
Text To Telephone # Issue.....I called one in on Saturday-went fine-except.....when it got to the point where it asked if you would like a text sent to the phone number you called in from-I said yes---then the computerized voice read off a number that wasn't even close-I had it repeat 3 times-then it asked if I would like it sent to a different number-I entered my cell phone number-which is the number I called in from-then got the text....I have no idea where the confirmation number would have been sent had I not had the presence of mind to submit my own number......
It just stays in your account. You can call back anytime to retrieve the number at a later date if you need to access it again, or you can log into your account and see it. Also, if you reprint your harvest record it will have it on there automatically.
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