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Default Sick to my Stomach!!

I was gonna go walk my dogs this evening about 6 and as i did, i saw a decent 8 point walk across the road and head into a piece that i have been trying to gain permission to hunt with my bow. Well, for the 20 or 30th time i stopped by the house (with my dogs on the leash) and knocked on the door. The woman who owned the property ANSWERED and told me that i could go down and hunt just for the evening and only with a shotgun. She then said i would have to come back Sunday afternoon and talk to her husband about hunting it for the rest of the year. I asked her if i could use my handgun which had a short range like a shotgun and she said yes.

I walked back to the house, put on my hunting clothes, grabbed my Lone Eagle and headed down to see about getting a shot on the 8 point. About 20 minutes after sitting down, i saw one of the biggest bucks i have seen in a very long time chasing a doe right to me. This morning i saw a doe being chased by a couple of bucks in my back yard but they were not even close to the size of this monster.

Anyway, i got the gun up and centered on him and i bleated with my mouth. The doe stopped, the buck stopped and i shot! He hit the ground then got back up and took off wobbling as he went. I got up and walked back to the house in hopes of giving him time to let him expire. I went back out about 9pm and followed a blood trail that also had chunks of bone and frothy blood. I followed the trail all the way to the creek which was about 100 yards. About 10 foot from the water was a big pool of blood and drag marks. I followed them right to the edge of the road on the other side or the property, where there is another subdivision.

I am sick to my stomach, but sure am gonna be headed to Franklins the next few days to see if someone was bragging that they killed a monster in the subdivision. Not much i can do about it other than tell that person how sorry they are...