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Originally Posted by Resica View Post

Mr. Otter, here's an old thread with his foxes from a couple years back.
Wonder what Phil Brown career fox trapping total is up to now since that 2007 photo???




The history behind Iron Man Phil


"Phil Brown out of Lancaster County PA made the catch of 1285 fox."



Fri Oct 14 2011

1202 fox caught in 90 days
1200 caught in 89 days
1185 fox in picture
11 fox threw away for mange
6 fox threw away dog ripped
9247 traps check in 90 days
13 fox average a day for 90 days
683 males
519 females
24 days with 20 or more fox a day
Best day 34 fox-135 traps
mabe best day 30 fox-90 traps
worst day 0 fox 48 traps,only 0 day this year
skinned 964 fox myself
streched,and dried 888 fox myself
best 8 strait day catch 210 fox-1178 traps checked
Best 7 strait day fox catch 187 fox-1043 traps checked.
Also caught:
16 mink
50 muskrats
58 possum
68 coon
21 skunk
2 coyote.

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