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Default Red Stag - Argentina 15 Apr 2012

Arrived in Patagonia as the rut and the roaring were winding down. The Red Stag sounds almost like a lion roaring - very cool to hear in the wild.

Got it done, but it was difficult to stalk with a bow. The Red Deer are very wary and the terrain is wide open with little to hide an approach to bow range.

My Guide didn't speak a word of English. As we got close he held up 4 fingers - I thought 40 yds, and let go the first arrow. Passed low (40 Meters!! not Yards - may not have mattered). Second shot put the animal down. We got closer and I put a few more in him to end it as swiftly as possible.

I had put a good stalk (closed to 25 yds) on a larger Stag 2 days earlier, but passed on the shot with 3 days to go. Lesson for me there was, if you have a good shot - take it.

On my last day I missed a 54yd shot on potential World Record Pere David's Deer (free range). Maybe next year!

OBTW, the dust particles are actually ash from the volcano in Chile that erupted last year. A fine powder coating everywhere - sometimes inches deep. Always blown by high winds. Hopefully they will have good rain and snow for their winter to knock the ash down and wash it away.

I am going back next year for "El Grande", the Monster Red Stag that played games with me for days. Got to 70 yds a few times, but never able to get the draw on him for a good shot. That deer has almost 100 more inches of antler than the one I took.

Blessed to hunt!
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cool hunt man congrats!
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Justin Tomczak
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Congrats on the hunt. By looks at the right beam, he's been fighting the "El Grande".
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Wow!! That's a big animal. Congrats.
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Congrats on a fine animal and a great hunt.

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Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!
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Awesome!Did you happen to get to fish there also?
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oh yes the Lord was definitely shining on you ! Congrats
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Awesome stag, congrats.
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good looking stag for sure great job on getting the job done
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Congrats on the Stag!!
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