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Old 02-07-2018, 08:02 PM
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Something doesn't sound right here. What changes did Duracell make to their battery technology?
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Old 02-08-2018, 05:22 AM
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Originally Posted by NantucketShedHunter View Post
Something doesn't sound right here. What changes did Duracell make to their battery technology?

I agree with you as I think that this information is a bunch of big time bovine excrement for sure.

I have Duracells in ALL of my cameras for 7 years now and have been using the Duracell Quantums for several of those years since they first came out with them. They work excellent in every respect BECAUSE I check every one of them brand new long before they are installed in my cameras and they show 1.62 Volts and they have lasted and performed much longer than the original Duracell Copper-Tops. I also check every battery when I take them out once they get down to one bar remaining. I won't use anything else because on lots of my cameras, I get 12-14 months of life and they still have one bar left when I change them out because I won't take the risk of missing that one fantastic photo that 99.99999 % of people will never get to see.

Several years ago I did try a package of the Energizer batteries and they would not perform very well at all and they were super expensive. They might work decent one week and the next, they would not take any photos etc so I quit using them because of their performance and their high price.

I don't believe that the camera really knows the brand of the battery being installed and when Browning says use THEIR BATTERY BRAND or ENERGIZER.....WHO THE HECK MAKES THESE BATTERIES FOR BROWNING TO BE ABLE TO ACTUALLY WORK IN THEIR CAMERAS. This sounds more like a Ford, Chevrolet or Dodge car salesman talking.

I will stick to my Duracell Quantum batteries as I recently purchased another $150 worth of them from Sam's Club while they were on sale. I will also stick to my WGI cameras as well since I have had fantastic success with them over these 7 years now.

Most people probably don't know that on every Duracell battery, it has a code number listed on it that you have to have a good magnifying glass to read BUT that code number shows exactly which plant of manufacture, the date of manufacture, the work-shift of manufacture, and the time of day of manufacture so they can trace a battery back and know all of these details about it.

I believe that this non-sense about Browning saying to use their brand batteries or Energizer ONLY because they are the ONLY ones that will work in their cameras is absurd. That is like Ford, Chevrolet or Dodge telling the public that they will have to use a certain brand battery in their brand vehicles OR THEY WON'T CRANK UP !!!! Yep, this fact and someone telling you that Hillary always tells the truth will BOTH make you throw-up !!!!!
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Old 02-08-2018, 09:01 PM
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Does seem fishy but I witnessed it first hand. When we go back to our lease I will let you guys know if the strike force is running fine Bellow 60% with the energizers.
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