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Old 09-01-2017, 08:28 AM
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Default Greetings from Gray

Hello ladies and gents. My name is Jason and I have lived in Georgia for almost 3 years now. I am the spouse of an Army officer, we have two kids, 3 dogs, 2 cats and the 2 birds. I will be 49 in a couple months and I have been shooting, hunting and fishing for about 40 of those years. I am an "old school" New England hunter, and have taken small and tasty, to large with claws and teeth up close and personal all over this continent and another. I took my first small game at 6yrs old with a pellet rifle, and my first deer at 10 with an old Bear recurve 45# with cedar arrows and self fletched and nocked. Over the years I've taken game with everything but a spear, yes, I've taken small game with a slingshot. As far as deer? Archery, muzzleloader, shotgun, pistol and rifle. All of my other large game has been with rifle. I'm somewhat of a traditional hunter, recurve bow, sidelock muzzleloader with patched round ball no scope. I have taken more deer than I can count, plenty of turkey, a few bear, an elk, a moose, a pronghorn, and a sheep. My wife and I both fly fish, we tie our own flies and I build our own rods, we practice catch and release only. We have fished New England, Georgia, Tennessee, and my wife learned how to fly fish in Baghdad. I am still looking to get my first hog, and I will. I'm not a long range shooter and I prefer the larger calibers overall, size matters. I'm a die hard Weatherby man and it's been my preference for a long time. I have everything from pellet guns to a no kidding elephant gun. I'm pretty easy to get along with, under no circumstances will I discuss any religious or political views whether I have any or not. I believe in politeness, open mindedness, being non-confrontational and supportive. However, if you ask me an honest question, I'm going to give an honest answer. If asking for advice? My usual caveat is " this is my personal opinion based on experience, my experience may not be the same as others." I have never brought a firearm to a gunsmith, my uncle who taught me most of what I know told me something he learned in Vietnam Nam, "there's no gunsmith in a firefight, know your weapon and maintain it as your life depended on it." Years later when I enlisted, I heard almost word for word the same statement. I do all of my own work, but far from "bubba gunsmithing" and I only use my Drexel tool to sharpen my mower blades, everything else is done by hand, I've pulled some guns out of the "grave" and worked them into great firearms. I have shot a copious amount of firearms of all styles and types, including double rifles and hand notching the 3 leaf express sights on a .458 Lott, shot it so much honing the sights I had to put cotton up my nose to stop the bleeding. One thing I love about shooting? Recoil! About hunting? Watching the world outside, I've seen some really neat things, I've even passed up shots because I didn't want to break the silence. About fishing? The hypnotic, relaxed feeling of standing in a stream and tossing my fly in almost a rhythm. I am glad to be here, and since we have spent most of 20 years in the south, the one thing my wife and I know: we both know what "bless your heart" really means. LOL! Cheers folks!
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Old 09-01-2017, 01:20 PM
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Welcome and enjoy!
Pain is nature's way of saying - don't do that.
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