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Old 04-21-2017, 06:39 PM
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Again – your words are too kind.

Keith – MeatSeeker – Scott county borders Pike, Morgan and Greene counties. Adams county borders Pike, Brown, Schuyler and Hancock. The northwest corner of Scott lies about 18 miles from the Southeast corner of Adams county. Sounds like you may be hunting farms that have some distance between them – or do you have the counties mixed up perhaps. Regardless – you will be hunting one of – if not THE – premier areas in the US for giant bucks. The area that lies between the Mississippi and Illinois rivers is the home of the some absolute giants…. And now that you are on private land, my hopes for you are even higher! I am delighted for you and hope you have a great time. Looks like you might be rolling in for some fine archery hunting – but will you be staying over for the SG season?

I will be coming in a week ahead of you (arrive 4 Nov) and will be there through 16 November, which should be the day before SG starts.

Look and see if you are staying anywhere near Meredosia – my guess is this may be the closest town near you. If so, there is a great place called The Approach, we can meet there one night for dinner.

My story was down in the SE corner of Scott county but most of my hunting will be up in Schuyler – and I will be staying in Rushville for lodging.

Keith (TechFire) – listen, my friend, you may consider me your mentor, but I promise that our friendship is a two way street. I am so looking forward to your first Midwest trip and my prayer is that the stars align and you see some cross eyed, slobbering, giant buck with a bullseye tattooed on his side. Standing still. 20 yards. Beyond that, what I am looking forward to are the adult beverage fueled stories we will tell each night – stories of boring hours, sore butts, frozen toes, tired of 20 knot winds, bucks chasing does – and who knows what else…

Now – about that tag as the 2018 archery record… that is just simply too much pressure to put on me and a little bitty 300 acre farm! Get real, brother…. It is possible – but not probable! I have already given you MY predictions – and they include at least SEEING a 150” buck (which is sort of optimistic) but I would be very surprised if you don’t see and potentially have a chance for – at least a 135” +…

Thanks to all – I have another story I want to share – but it might take me a while.

In the meantime, let me know if you want to read the fictional story – but it is a little longer….

Service to others, when nothing is expected in return, is likely the largest measure of greatness in men.
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Old 04-22-2017, 12:00 AM
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You are correct Jim. The farm is 360 acres. The vast majority is in Scott and the other is in Morgan and green county. It is one piece of ground. You can literally hunt and see all three counties if you sit in the right tree. I will be gun only as this is a friends bow lease and he was gracious enough to let me gun hunt it. Beggars can't be choosers. Lol but I will return the favor by mounting his deer free of charge each year. It's the least I can do considering he didn't have to do this. That's my way of paying it forward. It hasn't been gun hunted before and the farmer lives there to keep an eye on things. I am going to try and find some public ground nearby and if I do I may come up around the 1st.
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