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Default Metal Storm's 4-Barrel 9mm Pistol, 18mm Shotgun, 40mm 4-Barrel Grenade Weapon & More

In case you have not seen or heard much about Metal Storm, here's a good adventure in future weapons technology below which I had a blast with since I was not aware of this. Discovery Channel folks have probably seen much of the video footage below.

Here's a few quick summary details from Metal Storm's web site:




Metal Storm is a defense technology company that develops projectile launching systems utilizing its unique, electronically initiated, stacked projectile technology. With offices and supporting ‘in house’ engineering capability in Australia & the USA, Metal Storm is focusing its technology effort on medium caliber capabilities and applications, in particular 40mm.

Metal Storm's demonstrations, include a 9mm weapon firing at a burst rate of over 1 Million rounds per minute, grenade launchers mounted on robotic platforms, an electronic handgun, & multi-barrel weapons firing 40mm projectiles.

Currently the main work of the company is to deliver fully qualified, commercially manufactured 40mm and 18mm weapons systems and ammunition - initially its 3GL three shot underslung grenade launcher, and the Redback multi-barrel remotely operated weapons system.

Using technology from these core developments, Metal Storm Inc. in the USA has gained a number of US Government contracts. The specific requirements of these contracts inspired the creation of the Firestorm 40mm robotic weapons system on an iRobot platform, and MAUL, an ultralight 18mm 4 shot grenade launcher attachment for infantry combat weapons.

The "Metal Storm" pistol, which can never jam, is the fastest firing & most powerful handgun in the world, firing 3 rounds per second.

Larger "Metal Storm" weapons can fire 16,000 9mm rounds per second & 250,000 40mm grenades in a minute.

Here's a few quick summary details from Wikipedia:


Metal Storm is a research & development company that specializes in electronically initiated superposed load weapons technology. Metal Storm is the name of the company & the technology.

The concept of stacked projectiles (multiple projectiles loaded nose to tail in a single gun barrel with propellant packed between them) predates Metal Storm. The roman candle, a traditional firework design, employs the same basic concept; however, the propellant for the leading projectile continues to burn in the roman candle's barrel, igniting the charge behind the subsequent projectile.

Some Metal Storm Products

The Redback weapon system is a 4-barrel, 16-shot remotely operated weapon system that can automatically track targets and slew at speeds of up to 700 degrees/second (almost 2 complete revolutions per second). The primary role of Redback is as a lightweight vehicle or fixed asset mounted 40 mm weapon system. Redback consists of a lightweight gimbal, mount and weapon, weighing approx 70kg. It includes a combat proven fire control system that has thermal and imaging sensors as well as a laser rangefinder with a 5,000m range.

The GLL4042 is an electronically-fired, stacked-round launcher. It can fire lethal and less-than-lethal munitions. The GLL4042 is not configured to be fired as a stand-alone weapon and requires direct connection using a military cable to a fire control unit.

The 3GL is a 40 mm semi-automatic 3 shot underslung grenade launcher that can be fitted to a soldier’s assault weapon. In February 2009 the 3GL achieved certification for safe man-firing using 40 mm ammunition with non-explosive warheads. Qualification for man-firing using high explosive 40 mm ammunition is currently in progress.

The Multi-shot Accessory Under-barrel Launcher (MAUL) is an electronically-fired, 12-gauge shotgun for use as an accessory weapon to the M4 rifle. Metal Storm reported the first shoulder-firing of the MAUL during tests on 24 April 2009 at its test facilities in Chantilly, Virginia.

36 barrel prototype
Metal Storm has created a 36-barreled stacked projectile machine gun, boasting the highest rate of fire in the world. This weapons system has a firing rate capability of slightly more than one million rounds per minute.

Deadliest weapons ever invented- Metal Storm, over 233,000 views

Metal Storm's electronic gun, over 478,000 views

Stacked projectile weapons technology, over 713,000 views

metal storm weapons system, over 292,000 views

Metal Storm - Area Denial Weapon System (ADWS), over 443,000 views

Metal Storm Mortar, Stacked Ammo, massive rates of fire, over 2,191,000 views

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