“July 4th 2018 WINNER POSTED!!* Silver coin ring GIVEAWAY for July 4th”


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I would love a chance also ....thanks for the offer ,,,,
Thank you for this opportunity!
Add me to your list.

If I win, I will wear it every day as a remembrance to my father. He was Auburn alumnus.
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Congratulations to "williamt"

PM sent to williamt. Thanks to all whom entered. Merry Christmas!

For some reason I cannot upload the screenshot of the random drawing...will keep trying. Go to
http://militarysportsman.com/images/800_winner.jpg to see the drawing results.
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I believe I may have made your napkin rings!

Put me in also. Beautiful work. Did you make napkin rings last year for me?
If they are really nice...yep I made ‘em!
If not, who are you and how did you get my user ID!? :biggrin3:


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Congrats WilliamT!!!! Gobbler, people like you make the holidays even more special! Very nice deed.