💥 Official 2019 T/C SMACK TALK Thread💥

How'd it go Bubba???? You still out there at supper time!!!!????
Got after em hard this morning. Had hens within 15’. Had a bird gobbling before fly down. Nice morning about 60 degrees.

Had a great stalk hunt. Watched him with his hens while he strutted. Couldn’t get close to him and couldn’t get him to leave them and come to us. Him and his girls finally wandered off. Tried to cut off several times but couldn’t get in front of him. Felt like I walked 3 miles to get 100 yards closer to him and his girls.

All in all, a great morning with good folks. Very fun hunt. Guy I hunted with’s aunt and uncle had breakfast cooked when we got done. Mighty fine day.

All in all one of the most fun hunts I’ve been on in a while.

Thinking about going to my regular place tomorrow and giving it a shot. Last chance. Haven’t heard a bird gobble there since opening day, but seeing hens every time I go. I’m thinking there’s a stray gobbler somewhere on the 400 acres. Have a couple of places in there that I might stand a chance. We’ll see.
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Tapeworm? :cool:

You need to throw 2 or 3 Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies in your pocket for the hunt in the morning.
Could actually re-purpose the pot call pocket on your turkey vest to hold 3 or so Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies.

Well, ladies and gents, they've gone to roost on the final day.

Little bit of an odd season for me. For several years I killed my Georgia limit. Last year I only killed one, but was ecstatic about it (neck surgery got in the way of my hunting so to even get to go turkey hunting was a treat . To actually kill a bird made it extra special).

This year I also only killed one bird - that on opening day. Regardless, like last year, this was a special year. Hunted a lot on my local deer lease. Not much gobble action there but pretty much saw hen's on most trips. Went hunting in middle Georgia for 3 days with a good friend on a large tract of land. Walked 6-7 miles a day in very hilly terrain. Land was beautiful and had some awesome hunts (I didn't kill a bird but my buddy did and I had opportunities).

Yesterday I went with a good friend that's half my age. Man it was a fun hunt (but simply had hens that got in the way). A "run n gun" type of hunt trying to get in front of the birds. No dead birds, but a great hunt just the same.

Got to carry a young guy (I think 14 or 15) hunting early in the season. I managed to call in his first bird from long distance and it was a good un.

All my hunts were fun. Last Saturday I didn't hear a gobble but decided to stalk 4 deer that were feeding along the edge of a field. Broke off the top of a small chinaberry tree, held it in front of me and eased along the edge of a field very slowly. Made it to well within 100 yards before they noticed me (the moving tree). They got skittish and moved off the other direction.

When I was younger hunting was all about the killing. At 63 it's more about the experience and the hunt. I had a really good time in God's wonderful outdoors this season. I'm kinda sad that it's over (though maybe a little relieved (I'm a little tired)).
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Well no 3rd Ga bird fer me dis marnin! Had some action though!! Got 2 jakes and a tom to cross about about 4 hundred yards of cow farm!!
The tom would stop and strutt for a second or 2 often while the jakes kept walkin. So the Jakes came barely into range with the tom about 15 yards back.
I use my jake decoy when I hunt this farm...but I forgot his tail on the dash when I left the truck this mornin.
I think the jakes got antsy cause the weird lookin decoy and the high gloss gun barrel and binoculars on the ground under him. So the jakes left before the tom got in range, then the tom followed the jakes. He looked like a 2 yr old 5 pointer anyways. He wouldn't advance me in the contest so I was fine with him buggin out.
But I did get depressed when I got in the truck at noon and headed home. Sad to see my favorite hobby go away for 10 months.
Congrats to all contestents!!!!
I enjoyed it so much!!!!!!!
I see it's spinner baits turn this year to pull the big bird outta the horseshoes at the last minute!!!!
Congrats ol team mate! That bird looks awesome!!!!!
Thanks to all involved with putting this challenge on and working it. Also for everyone that signed up to chase the birds. It was I great season win or loose. I got 2 birds, one being a Jake that my eyes told me was over a 6 inch beard. That morning 3 hours before the shot I had 4 gobblers going crazy sunup till 9. Lucky I picked up a extra point on a double bearded Jake. 4 1/2 beard and a 3/4 that i was unaware of till I got home. I enjoyed and congrats to the winners
As always I enjoyed the challenge!!!
Big thanks to all those who put this on!!
It's great to kinda learn everyone's personalities through smack talk and then rootin for them!!