💥 Week 1 kill entry thread 3/23 to 3/29 💥

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Here is your 1st weeks kill thread. DO NOT post a bird in here unless it falls in these dates 3/23 thru 3/29

💥💥💥 Read please 💥💥💥When you post your kill, post with your team number. Not your team name. That is how I keep score. If you are posting for a team mate-include his user name.

Please read the rules about posting pictures and look at the example pictures. If you are entering for bonus point make sure you use a 1" tape and follow example pictures provided for this. Take good clear pictures showing the measurements required to receive bonus points

This is a kill thread. No committing aloud. Congratulate in team threads ONLY.


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Team 12 - Gobble Stoppers

Killed Saturday morning around 9:00. A pretty mature turkey that had issue with beard rot (kept from getting bonus points on beard) and spurs that came 1/16 short of bonus points (on both sides - I sure tried to wish them spurs another 1/16" longer). :D

One really fun hunt for a very good bird on a heckova nice, crisp spring morning.


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Team 4 "Natural Born Killers"
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