1/12/18 pm

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What the heck. Got here late so I’m sitting here in a box blind nice and dry overlooking a foodplot. I’ll pull camera cards at dark.

Am I all by myself today?
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Thanks 00. I guess I got it all to myself today. The rain has stopped and the wind is starting to lay. Clouds have turned light gray and starting to lift. The temp is starting to drop some too.

I’m counting on the magic hour. That last 30 minutes is when it’s going to happen if it’s going to happen.
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Got in the stand at 4:30. Seen three does so far in the food plot. Good luck elfiii.
You too Longhorn. Nothing for me so far. The last time I pulled camera cards they had gone nocturnal. I’m hoping this rain and the drop in temps will get them hungry and moving.
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I wish I had brought a coat. This is going to be a brisk walk back to camp when it gets dark. Brrrr.
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Cold front just hit north Meriwether. Light level dropped very quick also.
I’m south of you in SE Troup just NW of Pine Mtn. Same here. The wind had picked up too. It needs to happen pretty soon now.
Yes the wind picked up and still rolling. I ended up seeing six tonight. It was a good hunt and the deer are staying low and out of this wind based on tonight’s hunt.


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Cold front just hit north Meriwether. Light level dropped very quick also.
I'm in north Meriwether also. It got cold quick this evening. Buddy of mine saw 5 this afternoon. Another buddy saw one right at last light couldn't get a shot. This is his first time hunting so I hope he sees another one in the morning. Gonna be a cold one tomorrow.