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Well it's gonna be a cold one. Everyone else got theirs yesterday so I'm solo in Meriwether. Good luck guys. 13 degrees with the wind chill.
Good luck fellas! It’s a beautiful, frigid morning on the mountain with just a sliver of silver moon through the trees. Hope big boy comes out today and let’s the AR eat one time, if not a healthy doe would do well to get in range of the Experience.
Good hunting on the last hoorah.
Good luck to my hardcore brosefs. Back in a box blind in SE Troup. My buddy tagged out last night on a 2 year old 8. I had a 1 year old 8 in front of me but let him walk.

It’s dang cold this morning.
By this time yesterday, I was covered up with does and turkeys. Much quieter this AM, guess they are sleeping in recovering from that brutal wind yesterday.
Jumped a doe and 3 little ones that were bedded under my stand on the way in. Climbed up and sat down on my thick seat cushion. Started hearing some cracking and water dripping. Half frozen cushion full of rain water. Doh! Now I guess I'm hunting in a wet hardwood bottom. I watched about 8 turkey fly down into the foodplot above me. Nothing else since


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I slept at church now, I'll join the evening hunt today. My dads out in it 21 when he left the house. Good Luck fellas stay warm.
Nice and cold this AM. Had a half rack 8pt chasing a doe and two yearlings around early. My daughter said she didn't want to shoot him. Turkeys came in and scared the deer off. Oh well try again this evening.