1/26/18-Lanier-surprise catch

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Fishing was slow for me. Never find significant bait or fish concentration. Caught a few on steep banks and a couple on spoon. At some point big fish arch appears on my fish finder screen. I backed up and casted my lure. Got hit on the fall and set the hook. For a minute thought I am pulling in record bass, but it was behaving differently. Saw a color and got excited for a second again-huge walleye! Moments later pulled in this carp. Not what I was hoping but still cool. It is my second carp on spinning and plastic lure.



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I thought carp were supposed to go dormant-ish in cold water temps. Learn something new every day. I do know that they're big time opportunistic feeders. I'm sure they're finding a way to munch on these tiny threadfin shad, just like everything else right now.

They'll give you about all you could want on light tackle too. They get a bad rap with anglers, IMO.


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theres an old recipe where you stuff a carp with all kinds of spices and butter, rub it down with more spices and oils , then bake it for hours on a cedar plank , then you throw the fish in the trash and eat the board


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Highly treasured table fare in some cultures.......................but so are chilled monkey brains................
The only thing that me, a carp, and dinner have in common is that sometimes there's corn involved.

Carp are sort of like pay-doh food, "Fun to play with, not to eat!"

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Never caught one, but I really want to just for the fun of it. I enjoy being able to target as many species as possible.


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My 80 year old Mom said carp was a traditional Christmas Eve dinner when she was growing up in Germany...They paid big bucks for 'em...
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Well, carp in Europe is a little different than carp here. Same thing for perch. Same family, same name, similar look but... they’re different. Many years ago I caught a lot of carps in Europe and they’re good eating. Can’t say the same about carps from Lanier or Chattahoochee. Not even remotely close.