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I talked to a couple gun smith friends and both recommended the glock with a fully supported barrel for hot loads. Both said the 1911 would be problematic and often experienced feed problems in the 10mm.

I shot a glock 20 today. Put a box of underwood 150g jhp, and 5 Winchester silvertips 175 (I think).

Accuracy was good out to about 30 yards then fell off, I say due to shooter issues. It’s been 15 years since I’ve owned or shot a glock.
I enjoyed the glock and found it easy to attain point ability at close range.
I was not very impressed with the 10mm round, I truly hope these aren’t considered hot rounds, I was anticipating something similar to lighter power 44 mag loads. Can someone attest to where these rounds fall on the spectrum of warmth of the load?
It's not a 44 magnum. Compare the load data to a 357 and you will see it's not quite 357 energy levels. 357 can get another 100fps out of a 180 gn bullet. Even if you don't intend to reload the manual is a great tool. You can have all the data with no opinion involved to evaluate a cartridge. You dont need to go hotter to hunt. You just need the round to be effective within your effective range. 10mm is a fun club to be in, but it's not a 44 mag. Resized_20190813_064805.jpeg Resized_20190813_064913.jpeg
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Honestly, if you want something to rattle the roof get a S&W 500. I shot one and it was a fine example of what smith can do. I think they put extra attention into that line. I promise you, it will make you say uncle before it does! You dont need to push the 10mm past its limits. Just buy the gun that suits you. I understand the urge to let loose some thunder. I shot a few 44 mag 20gn 2400 loads before I left the indoor range the other day and man, the blast was almost as big as my smile.
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One of the deputies brought his 500 to the range. As it had a brake on it it wasn't bad at all to shoot, except for his wallet....?
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Couldn’t get the last images to load correctly so it’s a thumb nail.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve read a few sources state that the 10mm can beat the 357 and compete with the 41 mag.

I didn’t mean to come across vague in regard to seemingly comparing the 10 to the 44 mag, I was only talking recoil. Glock being lighter than a revolver. I know performance wise the 10mm doesn’t match the 44 mag.
Underwood claims 1500 fps for the 150 gr but factory ammo rarely makes published data. Actual test on the Winchester shows 1142.
Both of those rounds are towards the upper end and not many go very much over it, so if that feels wimpy to you 10mm may not trip your trigger!
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NORMA took on the commitment, to produce the 10mm Auto brass cases and 10mm Auto ammunition in the spring of 1983, to include pre production prototyping and new powder development including making the ammunition part of their regular product line. NORMA, utilized a 5” test barrel with “Power-Seal” rifling (same as length as the full size Bren Ten to test the new ammo. The tested velocity was said to be 1260 feet per second which equates to 704 foot pounds of energy in April of 1983 with a 200 grain Jacketed Truncated Cone bullet with a 37,000 CUP (copper units of pressure) for a 10 shot average. This placed the energy between the 158 grain .357 magnum and the 240 grain .44 magnum performance and nearly equal to the .41 magnum. Also the accuracy was an outstanding 0.45” at 50 yards…NORMA then developed an even faster 170 grain Jacketed Hollow Point rated at 1300 feet per second and 636 foot pounds energy, introduced at SHOT in 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia.

I clipped this from this source


Does anyone know what this norms load might have been? I find it very obtuse due to the multitude of varying information one could find for published velocities for the 356,44,41 mag.
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Very true frankwright. This is a habit of mine when I get interested in a round.
I did this exact thing with the 6.5 rifle rounds and wound up running a 6.5 Swede 140g at about 2650 FPS.

It took me 8 months to decide on using the 6.5 Swede from doing research like I am with the 10mm.
One of the deputies brought his 500 to the range. As it had a brake on it it wasn't bad at all to shoot, except for his wallet....?

I had a 10.5" barreled S&W 500 for a few years. It was a heavy beast, heavy barrel and had an intricate brake on the end.

Shooting it......recoil wise.....was on par with my .44mag Redhawk with the hunting loads in each.

Shooting it......wallet wise.....wasn't fun at all. The thing was painful financially to shoot. If I'd been reloading at the time I would have hung onto it.