12/27 AM

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Sitting on a small food plot in Crawford county the wind is swirling this morning. Good luck everyone and be safe
Windy morning in the hardwoods flat in Hall County. Going to see how long I can sit before the rain gets here. Headed to Disney bright and early in the morning... looking for some freezer meat!


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Hunting behind the house this morning in northern hall county. Got a couple good ones my wife said I couldn’t shoot but she just left for work 🤫. But my target is the bear that’s been ripping my cameras off the trees. Good luck it’s windy as all get out here
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Doe and 2 yearlings just feed thru, need to put meat in the freezer but they got a pass might regret that later


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In Madison County this morning. Nothing but a fox squirrel and I think He’s asleep now in the tree next to me.