12/6 am


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Heading out In Early County. Been seeing a few chasing in the fields hoping big boy comes out this morning good luck everyone


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27 in Monroe county but no wind already feels better than yesterday. Changing to an area of ditches where I can sit on the ground and see a good ways. Good mix of oaks and thick pines on both sides. Just need one doe that hasn’t been bred to cooperate and cover lots of ground this am.

Hickory Nut

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Took a couple vacation days around this new moon to see if I could get lucky in the woods. In Hall County in the thick stuff overlooking creek bottom. Good luck!
I felt today was a great day to hunt. Immediately heard one coming shortly after good light. Turned out to be a lone spike on the move. He was looking healthy but cold. I wasn’t actually hunting just looking outback. Well he walked directly under the back porch. Enjoyed seeing him come and go so close without him ever noticing me standing on top of him. I bet the evening is just as good or better.
Good luck to the one’s in the woods!