1911 modification you never seen.

Yep. Lots of people doing these little 1911 mods to guns that didn't have a problem to begin with.


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It was first used on older S&W model 52s way back . Bob Marvel started the trend on 1911s, thus the reason it's called the Marvel cut.

does it help? yes, for the first round out of the magazine and only the 1st... what it helps is consistent feeding which leads to consistent accuracy.. this mod was only done initially on Bullseye guns. I do it on my bullseye guns. it's a similar situation as two magazines not shooting the same because they feed differently.

it's not uncommon to see a single round flyer in a group shot from a Ransom rest.. this helps to resolve that.

is it worth anything on the typical 1911, not in my opinion

1911 Bullseye guns are simply the most accurate 1911s around and very specialized for the sport. Accuracy , reliability and the quality of the trigger are the most import things for a BE pistol.. a typical BE 1911 will hold 1.5" at 50 yds from the ransom and some will hold close to 1"

It's a tough but very rewarding sport.. you shoot one handed at 50 yds for a slow fire match( 10 rounds in 10 minutes) and then shoot two timed events at 25 yds.( 5 rounds in 20 secs twice and 5 rounds in 10 seconds twice) these are called timed and rapid fire...

we shoot 22 pistol and typically the 1911 in 45acp.. some will shoot one match with a 9mm or other calibers but that is fairly rare.

a whole daily match consists of 270 rounds( (3) 90 round sub matches) with a total possible score of 2700.. the all time record is a score of 2680. In Georgia matches are held at South River gun club and River Bend..
My first reaction is that the modification is a solution looking for a problem.

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I'd have to agree there, how can you improve something that isn't broken? I've had many pieces but none of them fit my hand like the 1911. Does anyone have any experience with a 1911 chambered for .38 Super? The ballistics look very impressive. The .38 super has a case length of .900 as opposed to .754 for a 9 mm. I started in the machine shop as a gunsmith and went on to plastic injection molds. I design them now https://www.deviantart.com/jamielynrogers/gallery/?catpath=/