1957 Browning a5 stuck pin

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Hey guys, First time on this section. My father in law passed away a awhile back, but I have his older Brownin a5. Its well used, but I took it dove hunting opening day, and shot 75 rounds without a hitch. From looking at the gunk in the receiver, I'm not sure it has been taken apart in years. Anyway, I've taken it apart, but I can't seem to get the pin out of the bolt. I know you use a 3/32" punch to tap the pin out. Its to the point I'm worried I am going to damage something. I've been spraying penetrating oil on it. Any suggestions?


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Not expert on that model but sometimes pins have a shoulder and only travel one direction [most common on pistols.] If it is a roll pin [hollow] then it goes either way.

Have you tried from both ends?

Try putting the entire bolt into a tall, slim glass jar and fill with penetrating oil until the pin is submerged. Let it soak for a couple days. I save a couple jars like this just for bolts !! Also handy for degunking firing pin channels with acetone etc. without need for disassembly.

Worst case you have to buy a $2 jar of capers, olives, or something else in the gourmet aisle just to get the jar :)