1968 Willie Harris 12ft2in Wood Boat

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***Motor is sold***
***Boat is sold***

Trailer is still for sale $250

This is a Willie Harris boat that was built in 1968 in Brunwsick by a local builder. The boat is handmade from western fir, marine plywood and fiberglass and is 12 ft 2 inches long, 48 inches wide on the bottom and 70 inches wide on the top. It needs some work sanding and refinishing etc but is in pretty good shape.

Here is some information about his boats
Please pm me if you are interested


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Thanks G Duck it is a Willie Harris handmade boat.
I can remember there used to be a lot of those boats around Jesup when I lived there in the late 80's.
I was in Jesup in the early 80's and there were a lot of them around. People would jack the engines up on them before anyone knew what a jackplate was.

With all that rocker, they would run like a screaming cat.


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Yep!! Willie Harris boats are "legendary" are here. Boys would soup their motor up and race on the Altamaha. They would run in very shallow water and whoever would run it closest to the sandbars usually won!

G Duck

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If it were not for the shape of the economy now, I would pick that one up in a heartbeat.

That thing is callin for a Stick steer!!
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Looks like a great little river boat but I fish saltwater alot with my buddy and need the extra room.
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boat is still for sale
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