1st Hunt this morning

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Finally got my chance at more than 30 minutes on the stand. The woods were alive with buck feeding on acorns. Saw 1 nice 8 pt, 2 nice 7 pt, 1 6 pt, and 2 4 pt. Only 3 doe. Over all I would rate this mornings hunt successful even though I never raised my gun. What a way to start the season.:D I was mainly scouting for my hunt Saturday morning with my middle daughter. When she got home from school I played the video for her and told her to pick which one she would shoot. She picked one of the 7 poiters. "Because it was darker than the rest" (different) I guess she is sort of like me. Likes to take the less used path.:D
Hopefully Saturday morning will bring lifetime memories. Last year she shot her first buck, a spike. Now she is looking for something with points. :clap:
Sounds like a fine hunt and dpossible an even better upcoming hunt. Let us know how it happens Chris.



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Now she is looking for something with points.
A spike is points - 2 of em' :) -- Sounds like she's in for a real treat with her Dad this weekend - Make those memories brother, and give us a report when you can...