2 different sports?

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is hunting in box stands over looking food plots and ag fields, a completely different sport than the mobile hunter targeting deer sign and climbing in a tree. one seems to be to just hunt a general area an allow the deer to eventually come to you. while the latter seems to be actively seeking out the game an ambushing.


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Same thing. Only the box stand on the field or plot is thinking on a larger scale. Deer have much larger ranges than most realize.


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I don't hunt over agricultural fields, bait, or food plots, but I do hunt out of box blinds, ladder stands, and climbers. Some of my shots are 5 yards and some are 300-plus yard shots. Which category do I fit in?


Every deer I’ve ever shot was
“Ambushed”.. I’ve never climbed into a spot and the deer were bedded all around waiting to be shot . They have always been going somewhere coming from somewhere and I’ve intercepted them.


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Yes but a box stand on public land is much better than a private land box.
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not trying to say one is better than or more manly the other, just been doing some reflecting. too many times i find myself walking past hot/good sign because i have a permanent stand a few hundred yards away with a big pile a corn at it. i just feel ive gotten away from actually scouting, locating a big deer, and figuring out a way to kill him. for fear of spooking the buck, and because i have multiple permanent stands already set up, i find i hardly do any in season scouting at all. because of this ive gotten to where i hardly care about a bunch of scrapes or big rubs, because im going to sit in the relative vicinity of that deer in a permanent stand with a corn pile at it. ive gotten completely away from how i cut my teeth deer hunting. im going to change that this year. going to be more work, and may not be more successful, but i do feel ill find it more enjoyable, and re-energize me as a deer hunter. through trying to figure out the process for next year, it just led me to thinking how completely different the 2 approaches are.


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My situation might be a bit different from some, but I've hunted this property for over 40 years and have hunted virtually every corner on the 300 acres. I've pretty much narrowed down exactly where I need to be to see deer. I have some trees I climb at certain times of the year that overlook clear cuts. I have ladder stands in the runs of creeks. I have a very nice box stand that overlooks 10 acres that was never replanted when it was clear cut 10 years ago. It is left fallow and burned regularly to attract deer and quail