2010-2011 Handgun Hunting Challenge Official Teams


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Well, it is official.

The 2010-2011 Handgun Hunting Challenge is now underway.

Here are the teams for this year's challenge.

Team 1 - specialk and son
Team 2 - bowhntr and SakoL61R
Team 3 - Will-dawg and RVGuy
Team 4 - ATLRoach and ranger374
Team 5 - DarrellH and Forkhorn

As of right now I am not going to participate as there are 11 of us that have paid, but I don't want to have one team with three people. There are a couple of others who have stated that they want to participate. If one of them sends in an entry fee, I will partner with them. If not, I will include my $20 in the overall prize and just watch this year.

Good luck to all!


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i hate that you have to sit out handgunHTR, mabye one of the other guys will get in. if not, let me know and i'll try and see if i can talk someone else i know on the boards to get in.


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No worries Ranger.

I don't mind sitting on the sidelines this year.

It doesn't look like I am going to get much hunting in this year anyway, so I don't want to handicap anyone either.


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Got a text from Delton (Handgunner) who used to run this forum and this Challenge.

He wanted me to pass on his wish of good luck to all.

We sure do miss you Handgunner!


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ya'll git er done:yeah: