2013-2014 Catch Pictures and Stories

Hey ya'll i am just starting to trap have some question if you don't mined first do you sale your pelts if so what is the biggest pelts that sale. and if they sale how would i go about paying taxes on the money I thank you for your help. i thought about coon & coyote, bob cat we have lot on our hunting club.
Shotgun, only the bobcat has some value to those animals you mentioned. Example: 2 years ago Marten were bringing $100, now they are $60. The south has too much heat to get the really nice fur with 2 or 3 layers of guard hair to keep the critters warm from really cold weather. In my opinion, I would make leather out of your nicest animal fur. Eat the beaver just like you do deer, they are very tasty.
Them possums clean out whole nests of eggs,turkey,ducks,quail, whatever. Them and coons are nestst raiders, they kill more turkeys than any coyote.