2014 Dan Quillian Memorial State Shoot - Potluck Supper


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The TBG Dan Quillian Memorial State Shoot will be held on March 15-16, 2014 at The Rock Ranch located at The Rock, GA. We'd like to hav5 another Pot Luck Supper on Saturday evening, March 15. We will start at 7:00 p.m. This thread will serve as our sign up sheet for what folks will commit to bring.

In addition to the things we will be eating, we will also need the following items:

Sweet Tea
Unsweet Tea
Other soft drinks
Plastic Cups
Paper Plates
Plastic Eating Utensils

Your food items can be something that you made with your own hands or had your spouse to make. It can even be store bought.

Over the past few years, our Pot Luck Supper has become one of the highlights of our annual State Shoot. Let's make this year's supper one to remember!

We'd love for everyone to pitch in and make this the highlight of the shoot.

Tell us what you'll bring and I'll start a list on this initial post and keep it updated as folks add to it.

Meat/Main Dishes
Pork Roast - Dennis
Jambalaya - Jake Allen
Turkey Fingers - Leon Scott
Venison Loin - Leon Scott
Ham - Archery Mom
Fried Chicken - Charlie2Arrow
Dutch Oven Fiesta Chicken - D4

Side Dishes/Vegetables
Black-eyed Peas - Dutchman
Potatoes - Dutchman
Sour Kraut - Alan Rosen
Baked Mac and Cheese - Tlingit Archer
Casserole - Ms. Bobbie

Salads and the like
Fruit Cocktail Salad - ngabowhunter
Slaw - Stump Shooter
Potato Salad - Mudcreek
Marinated Veggie Salad - Morning Hunter
Pasta Salad - Archery Mom

Dinner Rolls - Morning Hunter
Dinner Rolls - D4

Apple Pie(s) - Buckbacks
Dessert - Morning Hunter
Banana Cake - Todd Cook
Fruit Tray - Todd Cook
Dessert - Archery Mom

Gallon of Sweet Tea - Morning Hunter
Gallon of Unsweet Tea - Morning Hunter
2 12 packs of Soft Drinks - Todd Cook
Drinks - 2WheelFoster
Soft drinks - Charlie2Arrow
Soft Drinks - D4

Plates and Utensils
Chris Horsman
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Jake Allen

Please put me down for a cast iron pot of:

Spicy Jambayla with Smoked Sausage and Shrimp


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last year we were low on vegs/salads and such.....always goes good with the meat and desserts!!!! :clap:


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last year we were low on vegs/salads and such.....always goes good with the meat and desserts!!!! :clap:
I brought a vegetable last year. Potatoes are vegetables, right?

Maybe it's time to do something different this year. A big pot of peas or beans and maybe some greens. Hmmm.

Jake Allen

Allen Rosen: Homemade Fermented Sour Kraut

Leon Scott: Turkey Fingers and/or Venison Loin