2015 Ram 4x4 tires

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I’m fixing to put tires on my truck, factory size is 275/60 r20, I occasionally pull a trailer with my tractor total weight approx 7000lbs. Usually only short distances, otherwise mostly highway driving, my question is what load rating tire should I be looking at, I’ve been looking at Cooper Discoverer A/T3 tires but in Lt tires they don’t have the exact size there is a 265 and a 285 but in a lesser load rating there is the 275, also I only do a little off road driving. Looking for suggestions on which tire I should go with Thanks


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My opinion is if you tow more than an atv, go with E rated tires. Any 3/4 ton and up is E rated for me towing or not.
Without knowing all your specifications of your truck, the best thing to do, is to go to tire rack, or similar website, and search by specific vehicle, to find applicable tires.

Going with "E" rated tires on a 1500 model, might possibly pose a problem, because most "E" rated tires, are designed to run at near 80 PSI, to handle heavy loads, and usually used on 2500 models and up.

If your truck has TPMS, it's likely set up for tires with operating pressures about half of that. (~40psi range) So you would have to run "E" rated tires under inflated to satisfy the TPMS. Running your tires at 70-80 PSI would set off your TPMS, as well as possibly being a handling hazard, because your truck is not designed to have the tires inflated that high.

Your best bet is to choose tires designed for your application. "D" rated tires, would probably be more in the right range for your truck. There are LT tires that fit your truck, and are typically more heavy duty, and handle loads better, if your concerned about the towing aspect.
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Thanks guys I was looking at Lt tires just having a hard time finding in exactly same size


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My dad drives a Dodge 1500 Longhorn 4x4. He just runs the regular Goodyear tires that come on it. We pull a 20' tandem trailer with a 30hp Kubota and bush hog with no problems at all.


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Running E rated tires at their max pressures will cause very bad wear in the center of the tire on a 1/2 ton.

If you run E rated tires at 40 psi they don't have the same weight rating as at 80psi. So you're waisting money

That's why they offer so many weight ratings.
A bit old thread, but I know Dura Grappler is available in 275/60R20 LT size, though these nitto tires are expensive. You might want to look for a different size. 305/55/20 has almost the same diameter but slightly wider.