2017-18 Haul


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Nice season and nice put up. Thanks for sharing. Good luck the rest of this season.
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Added another otter yesterday, and I am pulling up traps for the season tomorrow. My wife hasn't seen much of me since Dec. 1 and I am not catching much now anyway. Got the numbers pretty well whittled down at the farm I am trapping on.


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Fine season. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to press on 1 more week.

mr otter

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That’s some nice fur handling sir, but a word of advice if you care to take it, those $3 coyotes aren’t worth the time and effort. That’s what I guy at the last auction, please let us know what your guy in Nebraska pays for them!
Not trying to bring you down but I’d say you have about $200 worth of fur there. The only reason I know is because I’ve sold thousands of put up pelts in the last 10 years. 5 years ago it would have been $6-700. And again I KNOW how much work you put into each and every pelt, and the put up looks great, but the only thing worth spending time on is the cats. I would personally take those coyotes and anything else that is real prime,send them off to tan them and sell them online. Much better money. Not trying to brag but I put up over 600 pelts by myself 5 years ago...I know how much work goes into it. Make sure you have an agreement with your buyer to ship them back for free if you don’t like his price! Just my 2 cents for what it’s worth...