2017 Acorn Report

Just wait until the rain and winds from Irma pass through here. I'd say the acorns are fixing to fall en masse.
I was just thinking the same thing about an hour ago. I was out picking up Chinese chestnuts. I looked up in the tree and saw tons of burs still hanging and I thought "yep, those will be on the ground Wednesday!" Same for the acorns. If we get much wind with the rain from Irma, there's gonna be a boatload of acorns on the ground real quick and in a hurry!!
With all the acorns this year I can't find any concenation of critter sign. No need for bears to climb trees imho. On the upside seems like the squirrels have returned to the mountains after that drought year we had.
Check the regs

Hey Ripple, I've been seeing muscadine vines absolutely slap loaded in several places this year, but low down. Anywhere 1,400'-2,000' +-. I have seen vines slap hanging heavy with fruit. Unfortunately, these are not in places that I hunt, so they don't matter much to me.

I did find a place on Wilson Shoals WMA that I am going to sit on a few times. It is a persimmon tree loaded with fruit, and already aborting some, and it is dead in the middle of a stand of pine trees that are covered in muscadine vines, and they also are loaded and dropping a few early. It's low...around 1,200' maybe. Could be a little more or less. Never looked at it on a map. That place deserves a good sit or two I'd say. Ain't gonna kill no hear there, but the deer and yotes might be interested.
Archery on Wilson Shoals opens at the end of September or 1st of Oct. I imagine the persimmons will be gone especially after all this wind.