2017 Lake Lanier Striper trip for disabled folks

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The date is set for the 2017 Lake Lanier Striper attack. This is a fishing trip for folks with disabilities. The trip will be April 8th at Little Hall Park. Please consider letting a disabled person have a great day of fishing with you. We have folks with a wide range of disabilities so any boat type will work. Of course we always need boats that will accommodate a wheel chair. Pontoons and big CC's work great. But again, any boat type will work. We are fully insured and everyone envolved is covered. If you are interested in helping out, pm me or email owlhunt@att.net and I will put you on the list.
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Been looking forward to this announcement! It's become one of the highlights of my spring.

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I'm in again!

Loved it last year! Hope to have Hooper (Coenen) as the deck hand fish master again!!
Sounds good,

I hope to be able to get out and do a little prefishing this time and not go in blind.
Last year was a curveball with the weather change that happened that day. As I recall the only people who did well were those that were pulling u-rigs.


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I have not participated in the past, but would like to this year. What a great cause! Arrow Flinger I have sent you an email.
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22 participants have already applied for this trip. Please consider helping us out. Thanks to the folks that have stepped up!


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Bumping up, on a Friday.

If you want to know what this event is all about, set your DVR's to record Georgia Outdoors on GPB next Wednesday evening. The episode is called "Nature Heals".

Or, just check out this link...