2018 Injun Joe Memorial Fly Swap

Don't forget to soak 'em in essential oil before you mold 'em. :bounce:
Not sure if Buckman makes a crawfish scented essential oil, but if not, we can have him brew one up. Last year he was talking about making one in a doe-n-heat scent that you rub behind your ears. He claims it can draw in the big bucks, and also alleviate migraines and sinus pressure.
Those look AWESOME Bishop!!!! REALLY nice flies!!
I'll be submitting my version of a WD-40 midge. Little buggier though.
I've decided on a generic olive and brown beadhead soft hackle.

I began to realize while I was going through storage and unpacking my fly tying equipment, I'm missing a whole bag of feathers. It's entirely possible that they were thrown away when we moved. I couldn't find any Hungarian partridge, so I substituted some wood duck flank.

Wes, those look good. I would about guarantee you those will catch fish.
Those are dang buggy W! I want one!!! That flank makes a nice twist for a soft hackke. I like it!!
I use it a lot on my nymphs, too. Fish dig it.
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Okay! The swap is closed and we have 10 participants. So you need to send at least nine flies to me by the deadline. One thing I forgot to mention and I will edit my first post. Please toe tag each fly with a little slip of paper with your user name and the name of the pattern. Ok, start twistin the fur and feathers.
This is my first attempt at fly tying, created from feathers from my own birds! That makes it special to me. I used peacocks sword feathers for the tail, peacock hurl for the body, peacock biots for the wings, and rooster hackle. I'm tying these on a size 10 because size 14 is really hard for a beginner. I started saving feathers for flies over a year ago but only recently started learning what feathers are actually used in tying flies. I combined some ideas from the Prince and Zug Bug so I'll call this variation a "Boots Bug" :)


Those look good, Boots!
Yep, those look fine! There's a certain satisfaction that comes from catching fish on flies that you tied yourself. And for me, the satisfaction only increases when you used materials that you collected yourself. There's just something inherently "green" about that.
Looks good Tomboy Boots!!! Those dog's will hunt!!!!
I'm imagining a big fat native Brook trout eating one of them!
Good work!