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As some know that frequent this Trapping topic I just got started trapping out of necessity to try and thin our coyote population which has had an effect on our deer herd the last couple of years. After 2 weeks of trapping this is what I have taken out of the predator population....6 coyotes, 2 Bobcats and 1 Coon.

I must say that this trapping is quite addictive!!



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Wow , you learned quick


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Way to go pro!!

Thanks for sharing!

Jake Allen

Good job; keep thinning em out.
Are you running any DP's for the coons?
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Haha I caught a hog a couple years ago in a mb550. Not sure what it is about the bait/lure that attracts them...great work btw!
Thanks! I am just getting started and having some early success.

Caught this Red this morning...both foxes were released unharmed. I figure the coyotes give them enough grief so I'll leave them be.


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#10 Coyote for the year....and #8 from the same 50 yard stretch of field road!....This one was by far the most aggressive. Good thing the trap held or I would have had a fight on my hands.

It looked like her friends had attacked her, she had a large wound on her shoulder area and there were fresh tracks all around so there are still a bunch around there.


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Probably the alpha female. Nice catch!
That's what I was thinking...I only had her by 2 toes so I was really glad to have good equipment that locks up tight!! LOL

Caught her on a double dirt hole so she must have been shifting her feet around to get a back foot catch.

I can't believe I missed out on this trapping fun all these years!!