2019 Habersham Season

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I figured i'd start the Habersham thread for this season. Anyone seeing any good bucks? I got some nice ones hitting the acorns, i'll be in my blind hoping to see one Saturday morning. It'll be hot but i'd rather be hunting then sitting in the A\C doing nothing.

Triple C

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HH8...Hope you get locals guys contributing to this thread. The Oglethorpe County thread has turned into a jewel with so many guys participating over the past good many years. I've really got to know a number of them, some in person and others from so many posts back and forth. I think sometimes people are concerned with others knowing where they hunt but the reality is that 99.9% of the responders are just really good guys willing to help others in their area.
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I agree, so many people worry about who is going to find out where they hunt. I don't care, more power to them if they shoot a buck near me. I just like to talk hunting, especially hunting in my area. I also hunt Lincoln County a good bit on some property we got down there, but there is nothing like hunting your stomping grounds where you grew up hunting. Thanks for the reply, good luck this season!
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How did it go this weekend? I've about quit hunting habersham. Hardly any deer left where I hunt. Ran a few cams over the summer and got tons of bear pics where I use to see a lot of deer.
Walked in at 6AM to check a camera I have at the edge of a field I hunt sometimes that has been picking up several nice bucks, actually the pic I posted above, and jumped a good 6 pointer. After that went and sat in my ladder stand till 11, didn't see a thing. My ladder stand over looks some white oaks that have a been dropping a good amount of acorns, lots of sign but no luck this past Saturday. I've hunted Habersham my whole life and yes the deer population is very low. I'm glad they lowered the doe days and completely did away with them on Gov land. I mostly hunted Gov land until just recently, now I hunt my dads most of the time. But I still go hunt Tallulah falls from time to time up around Shirley Grove. I think the bear and coyote are also one of the main reason's the deer population is hurting. I have killed several coyotes over the years and if I see a bear I will harvest it as well.