2019 Lake Lanier Striper trip for disabled sportsman

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The date is set for the 2019 Lake Lanier Striper attack. This is a fishing trip for folks with disabilities. The trip will be April 6th at Little Hall Park. Please consider letting a disabled person have a great day of fishing with you. We have folks with a wide range of disabilities so any boat type will work. Of course we always need boats that will accommodate a wheel chair. Pontoons and big CC's work great. But again, any boat type will work. We are fully insured and everyone envolved is covered. If you are interested in helping out, pm me or email owlhunt@att.net and I will put you on the list.







...just joking, seriously.
Gimme those Florida dates quick, Slayer!
Also planning a St George Island trip in April, so it's going to be a tight squeeze...


...just joking, seriously.
I also have a quite and private basement bedroom and bathroom available for any other volunteers who are coming from some distance away. I'm still about 40 minutes away from Little Hall, but it may be close enough to help for somebody coming from further away.
Pre-fish, and spend the night here in Roswell and go back for the event, OR crash here the night after the event or whatever, or both.
Tim - Count me in as a fishing guide. Let me know if you need me to cook BBQ, too.
Also, I have a disabled gentleman (wheelchair bound) at work who would like to participate, if possible.
In, as always. Folks if you're reading this and on the fence about lending a hand, GET OFF IT! You'll have a great time with some great folks.

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! After two consecutive years of coming up pre-scheduled for Florida trips, I have held off booking Florida for this.
Looking forward!
Now with OWL on the 6th, April is now officially booked for fishing.. My wife doesn't know she won't be seeing me on weekends yet.. :biggrin2: