2019 Oglethorpe County

What type of feeder you using Fixer? I need to either build a couple or buy some. I have one Moultrie broadcast 5 gallon bucket feeder now and it works pretty well. Need several others however. Appreciate others feedback as well.
BD...Google Texas Hunter barrel feeder and Banks Outdoor gravity feeder. I like em both. Had the Texas Hunter barrel feeders since 2011 and still going strong. You can easily move them around.

Had the Banks since 2014. It mounts on a 4x4 post and with critter guard is pretty much bomb proof from critters. However, in our area, you will need to secure the Banks feeder ports with long wood screws running through the edge of the port into the body of the feeder. Otherwise, pigs will dislodge the wing bolts and loosen the ports. Once in place you ain't moving the Banks feeder unless you want to dig the 4x4 post out of the ground and then dig another hole for it. I like em both.

Also have a Double D gravity feeder from Wilderness Calls. It's built out of galvanized and is totally and absolutely bomb proof but bucks for some reason seem to take to the other feeders better. It's been out since 2011 and looks like it did the day we put it out.
What type of feeder you using Fixer? I need to either build a couple or buy some. I have one Moultrie broadcast 5 gallon bucket feeder now and it works pretty well. Need several others however. Appreciate others feedback as well.
I made it to the lease yesterday a little after lunch, went to check on my feeders and refill them, couldn't get to one of them cause a little bridge we had built got washed away sometime in the last few weeks ! my golf cart couldn't cross the creek cause now the banks are too high, even though it hasn't rained in about a week up there , the woods were still saturated with water. Evidently it done some serious raining up that way ?

As a point of reference BD I checked my other feeder and it still had some in it and battery was still good ! I hadn't checked on it since the weekend after thanksgiving ! So they will last a long time in between fill ups, I've got it set to dispense twice a day, morning and afternoon .

I'll go back in a few weeks with my four wheeler to replenish the other feeder,

By the way the deer were moving pretty good last evening, saw quite a few and ended up taking a cull buck with some messed up antlers, so at least I will have some meat in the freezer now. I'll still be going back after some pork in the next few weeks,
Yes, Brandon, my clubs dont allow small game until big game is over. And Yes, most hunters are done by December for most part. That reminds me, if any of you fellow OC hunters have a good rabbit hunt lined up and don't mind someone listening to the races or need a extra gunner, please let me know. My honey hole spot that we always hunted was lost last year. Heck, I will just hang out and listen, Love to hear some rabbit races. Or, if you have some good rabbit property and dont have dogs but would like to have a hunt, I have a fellow friend that has some fantastic dogs.
I see they took a bulldozer to your old CC club. I'd like to have been riding on that thing with my 20 gauge.
Saturday was a great day for deer hunting in OC. The only problem is that no one told the deer... It got a little windy in the afternoon but the rain held off. While sitting in my stand reflecting on the season I came to the conclusion that I am just thankful to have the ability to enjoy the outdoors. I didn't have the best season, but it doesn't matter. Some people don't have the ability or the means to hunt as much as I do. I am blessed.
BD, the only thing I saw Saturday were 2 rabbits...
Is it Turkey season yet?


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I haven't deer hunted for six weeks or so. Have a good friend that's having some health issues and I made the trip to Oglethorpe Co. twice to try and get him on a deer. Another member who hasn't hunted much and didn't have a deer joined us on Friday for the final attempt of the year. I got both guys on stand and, like any good guide, went back to the truck (where it was warm) and waited on a gun shot.

One of the fellows shot at a doe 173 yards away (per his range finder). Thought he hit the doe but we couldn't find any sign of a hit. We backed out for the night. The next morning my son brought his dog up. The dog found the deer in a clear cut. All that was left of the deer was a head, a skeleton, and two hind feet. The coyotes had devoured the deer. I'd post a pic but some might find it cruesome. I don't know how many coyotes it takes to eat a big doe but they cleaned this one up.

Roads on the lease are still holding water in spots and access can be tricky.

Trail cams are showing good deer activity on the food plots even though they are mowed down. Getting good turkey pics too.