2019 Oglethorpe County

Todd E

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Found a hot on the limb OC bird this morning. He pitched and headed away. Had some hens and a jake fire up between he and I. He stayed his course......away.

Beautiful morning.

Look A3...................hogs. LoL 03260035.JPG
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WTG Todd, we hunted yesterday AM and got on several birds, close again but could not seal the deal. One more weekend and I think I will turn to trout fishing, LOL

Triple C

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Todd - That's one great pic! Congrats. Son cam down this morn and we located one roosting on edge of swamp. Got set up and the bottom fell out. Called it a day.


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Scouted this bird yesterday and had great idea he'd still be there this morning. My buddy Chad , who can't hunt but just a few times this season due to his sons baseball team called me last night and said he could go this morning. I told Chad we'd go after this bird and he'd be the shooter. I wanted him to get him and bird and I have plenty of time to hunt. We were rushed with the weather but the big boy strutted right to us off the limb. He was a stud too. 24lbs, 10 1/2 inch beard and 1 3/8ths spurs. Fun hunt with a good friend. FB_IMG_1554075020710.jpg FB_IMG_1554075024517.jpg

Todd E

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Thats an awesome hunt, A3. Mighty fine to share a true friendship like that.
Great calling. Great shooting. Spurs that dreams are made of. Some poundage, too.
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