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Thoughts on the best scope for this caliber. will go on a Remington 700 VS. Also any thoughts on pet loads for this gun


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I had a Rem VSSF in .22-250, extremely accurate. Was a half inch gun with Fed Premium 55 gr HPBT factory ammo. Never got around to handloading for it. Ended up trading it off as I had several varmint rifles at the time. It had a FCHD Leupold Vari X III 6.5-20 on it. Should have kept it, sweet rig.


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I've got an older nikon buckmaster 4 1/2-14 on mine, 0.6in 5 shot groups with my first handloads through it. Very accurate caliber. Mine is a stock ruger m77 with a trigger job. I am using varget and 55gr sierra gamekings


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Whats your budget and distances you are planning to shoot?

You just missed the best deal of the year with the SWFA HD 3-9x42 for $450.


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I have a 4.5-16 on mine. It is an M70 Lightweight Carbine. I use IMR4895 and try to keep my bullet weight in the lower 50s....53 gr MatchKings mostly


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This caliber is made for long range varmints - if you really want to have a precision aiming point on varmints at over 200 yards you need over 20X.

I was pleasantly surprised with my factory refurbished Vortex 25X; illuminated reticle is a nice bonus.


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I have a Burris 4 x 16 on my Rem M700 VLS 22-250. Shilen trigger and a bed job and it shoots just about anything up to 55 grains at 1/4 inch or better. A joy to shoot.

The 4 x 16 suffices but the reticle is a little thick.
Have been considering a 6 x 20 for it with either a fine duplex or varmint reticle.
I agree that a fine crosshair reticle on a scope that goes up to 20X or greater is what's best for long-range varmint hunting.
And long range varmint hunting is what the .22-250 is made for.

That being said, if you see the primary advantage of the .22-250 as being flatter trajectory and less bullet drop WITHIN 300 YARDS, and you won't be shooting any ****her than that, an ordinary hunting scope of the 3x-9x or 4x-12x range ought to work fine. Even 9X should let you place the crosshairs on the right spot on the varmint's body, rather than just have the varmint itself appear as a dot to be covered by the crosshairs, without really identifying what part of its anatomy you're aiming at.
I just looked up the ballistics of the .22-250.
It's a lot flatter-shooting than I would have guessed.
I knew it was faster than a .223, but I didn't realize that with the same bullet weights and same brands of ammo, it's 400 ft/ sec. faster.

That makes a difference of several inches LESS bullet drop at the extreme long range shots of 400 or 500 yards, if you're zeroed for 300 and have to do some hold-over.
I had a 3x9. Leopold on mine for awhile. Shot a deer at 226 yds. With it. Now I have a 6x20 tactical Tasco with big knobs on it and have it set up for 300 yds.
I know it's an older post but, if you haven't scoped that rifle yet then hands down the Burris E1 6.5-20x50 . You can spend a whole lot more and get a whole lot less. The MV reticle for this scope is perfectly matched to the 22-250 out to 700 yards. Just range point and shoot no dialing necessary. Burris makes some really good equipment. As far as loads go my 26" model 12BVSS with a 12 twist barrel loves 55gr Vmax and Varget and you can cover 10 shots at 120 yards with a dime and turns nutria rats into red fertilizer spray as far as you can spot em.
Good luck.


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In 1970 I purchased my first rifle, a Remington 700BDL Varmint Deluxe in 22-250. I topped this rifle with a 15x Unertl Ultra Varmint 2”. I lived in Northeast Ohio then so my targets were groundhogs (woodchucks) crows and fox. I can only say that a whole bunch of varmints met their maker at the hands of that rifle. I tried various types of ammo and settled on factory Remington 55gr. soft points or hollow points. I moved south in 2011 and parted ways with that rifle as there was no long range varmint hunting here. I never even saw a groundhog in the area of Alabama I first moved to. Having owned and hunted with that rifle 41yrs I can honestly tell you that combo would flat out hammer any groundhog out to 600yds. I’ve killed a few ****her but not consistently. If you intend on using your new outfit for a long range varmint/target setup I would suggest a minimum of 15x and make certain it has parallax adjustments. Good luck with whatever you choose.