22 or 17 for squirrels?

I am about over my cataract surgery, and looking forward to trying open sights again. I haven't been able to shoot open sights in 12 or 15 years


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Didnt read the 2 pages of responses so I am sure it has already been said.....

My experience is that a 17 will basically cut them in half.

22 shorts for me typically.


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Have hunted for squirrels with both the 17 HMR and 22 LR. The 22 LR with solids is the best squirrel medicine around. I try for nothing but head shots cause eatin them is as good as shootin them.
Amen. Done. For the past 10 years or so when I started using .22 shorts and found they killed as good and dead as anything else, that's what I use now for squirrels. Even long rifle seems like too much now. I'm not biased against whips, but I think you'll find that most who say 22 mag, etc. are probably whippersnappers. I'm certain no millennials nor snowflakes are on here. In maturity, I mean.

I just love .22s.


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Absolutely!!! I have seen squirrel shot with a 17 and I am not impressed! If they are not shot in the head it messes up too much meat. I like to eat them to much so minimal damage is very important to me. The same goes for hollow points. I don't like them. My 10/22 shoots Winchester Super X round nose very well. Even then I try my best to shoot them in the head. I like me some fried squirrel!!!
Yeah and this guy does not miss many heads!! Ive seen him do it hundreds of times!!