#226, Buncha bad weather slacking Drivelers...

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sorry about being worked over to work over.
Good Morning and Happy Friday to you Blood, Wycliff, Gobblin, Moonbro, and to the rest of you drivelers.

I fooled you guys this morning as I have been up and awake sine 4 AM. I didn't log on immediately as I like to use the stealth mode while reading on some threads.

I've been here for a little while BUT first I had to do some reading....I mean "fishing" in the fresh water Forum. Looks like it is time for me to get a new rod or two and do some fishing while all of these fish are still "bedding".

I bet those shellcrackers would pull 3 times harder than most bass would and I think they could have a grease jacket put on them and be a really tasty meal too.

Gobblin, I do need a cup or three of your fresh brewed coffee this morning too just to get fully awake.

Dang, I forgot to ask Blood if he and his MIL were going to be turkey hunting together on their front porch this morning ??????
Good Friday morning Chief. You got a project today?
Mornin Moonbro.

I've got several, but haven't figured out which one I want to tackle.

Actually, I think I just made my mind up on spraying some herbicide before it gets too hot and too late to apply it. I've already done it once, but didn't quite get the results I was hoping for.
Welcome home Chief. Glad that you made it back safely!!!!

I've got to get a bunch of things done to help me pay my bill from yesterday. Actually, I finally retired yesterday !!!!!!

I surely did as I bought a new set of Michelins and also got a complete brake job done yesterday as well. I should be good to go for long time now. :cheers::cheers::cheers:

I guess that you could say that I re-tired and also re-braked yesterday as well !!!!! :D:D:D:pop::pop:

Now somebody needs to get a new Driveler Thread in the works as this one is just about completely cooked !!!! :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:
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Morning bro's !!

Gonna fire my yard crew that's been working for me for the last 8 years. Dood increased his fee by $40 a month.

Taking bids from 8 small owners this weekend.:cheers:
Mornin EE, Quackbro, and blood.

That's what I was thinkin bloodbro. :bounce:
Quack on da phone callin yard man back. :bounce:
Gon get another 8 years at a minimal increase.
I'd hate to know what somebody round here would want to mow-blow n go.
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