264 win mag


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Haven't priced one...but bet it'd set a fella back a cool grand.

Another rifle that I've lusted over was the Ruger target model in .25-06 like Delton and Jimmy78 own.

I picked one up at a gunshop the other day and struggled more than a good bit when handing it back. That gun was singing to me....take me home....take me home. The brown laminated stock with the target grey finish looked smashing....the curves and feel of that stock were dead on for me.....stock just welded up to my cheek..........dangitman....I'm getting all giddy again just thinking about it.

Whew....had to stop that train of thought....there would be another expensive undertaking that I can ill afford right now.
Answer that call! You'll NOT regret it! :D


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You can neck down the cheap once fired 7 mm rem mag brassin one pass to make 264 win mag brass.A 26 " barrel is better in the 264 win mag.I have 24" on mine that work fine but longer is better for the 264.I have tried many loads with the 140 gr remington corelocks but none of them shoot nearly as accurate as the 155 gr Lapula bullets I shoot.I was lucky I bought the Lapulas at $22 a while back per 100 and the Remington 140s for $40 per 500.They have almost doubled now.I still get once fired brass for .o8 each or $40 for 500 .With my brass and bullets its about $4 a box or so.I need to clean my rifle every 100 shots or so .I am thinking of starting to use the foam cleaner in it more often.Its worked good in my other guns.I have been impressed with all three animals I shot with my 264s .I got two pronhornd and a hudge 8 point buck.The lapula 155 gr didnt tear up much meat and flattened them in their tracks.Its super accurate.
home at last home at last it seems to me that every one on here shoot a real nice rifle .264 i dont know much about it my wife just bought me one for christmass this year


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Or.............build yourself a little 6.5 - 06...

had one for years and it's darn close to the 264 and a heck of a perfomer

mine loves the sierra 140s and H4831.

my 264 mag is in a pre 64 mdl 70 so it doesn't get shot.

for some reason the 6.5 mm really has never caught on in the US... Love my little mdl 7 in 260.