270 win or wsm


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have a 270 win considering wsm
getting new rifle regardless ,which has more recoil and knockdown power, etc?


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I'm shooting the 270 wsm. I'm using the 150 grain nosler ballistic tips which are only 40 ft pounds diffrent than the remington 7mm magnum in the same bullet and grain at 100 yards. The 270 wsm is shooting 2780 ft pounds and the standard 270 is 2439. The 7 mag is somewhere around 2820. The recoil is very light as well. The ammo cost more thats the only draw back but wal mart is carring wsm ammo finally.


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I see no advantage to the magnum? I like short action rifles, but the need for more than two feet of barrel to burn the powders used in magnum cartridges, more than negates that single plus for me.
I would never own a WSM or WSSM in preference to a conventional in the same caliber. Ammo is harder to find. Components (brass) is harder to find. Both are more expensive. There is little and sometimes no advantage to the WSM/WSSM cases. They all suffer the same predilection to poor feeding.

If you use premium bullets (you certainly pay the premium price for WSM/WSSM loaded ammo) then IMO you gain virtually nothing by having a WSM/WSSM.

If you need more than what a .270 offers with a 110 or 130 grain TSX/TTSX or the Nosler or Hornady versions, then you really need to be using something bigger than a 300 WM with 165 grain bullets and probably something bigger than a 300 WM period.

Shooting deer that run from about 90 lbs to over 300 up here, I fail to see a difference between .243s and 300 WMs when I use Barnes bullets. The best I can say for the difference is that I can handle range and wind better with heavy bullets in the 300 WM.

I am all but certain I will find a .223 with 53 grain Barnes bullets fully equal to my 30-06 with 130s out to 250 yards. The 30-06 with the 130s is good for about another 100 yards. A .270 WSM or a .270 Win. with 80 grain Barnes is good for 250-300. Either is good for 450-500 with heavy monometal bullets. You can get more range shooting more fragile bullets but it comes at the expense of much poorer performance at short range.

Buying expensive ammo (for the WSM/WSSM family) means you are stuck with the max velocity they produce. The limited selection of bullets offered in factory ammo means you either opt for the monometals and get the performance from zero to maybe 500 yards or opt for the BT lead core bullets and live with the poorer performance at short range. Either way, the additional velocity buys you nothing worthwhile IMO.

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If I already had a 270, and planned to get a new rifle AND keep my 270, I'd be tempted to look at something that is in a totally different direction. And forget "knockdown power", it's the biggest pile of Bee Ssss bologna in all of shooting. Stick a bullet through the lungs of an animal and it dies, quickly, regardless of what is stamped on the case the bullet was fired from.
I've shot a 270 with winchester 150 grain power point and 130 gr silver ballistic tips and have taken up to 300 lb hogs and many deer. No need to spend the extra $ on wsm. 150 gr at 150 yds or less will give you everything you need. Use the 130 gr on reach out shots beyond 150 yds.
between the two, 270 win everytime. I just don't see the advantage of the wsm's. They cost more, they recoil harder, and they don't kill deer any deader than my .270 Win. And I would feel just as comfortable taking a 300+ yard shot with my .270 Win as with anything.

the difference in max. point blank range is a whopping 6 yards.

Cartridge / Bullet / BC / 100 yds. / 200 yds. / MRT@yds. / MPBR (yds.)
.270 Win. / (130 Sp at 3140) / .416 / +2.5" / +2.4" / 3"@150 / 305
.270 WSM / (130 Sp at 3206) / .416 / +2.4" / +2.4" / 3"@150 / 311


So, you've got a short action rifle with a longer barrel (if you're gonna get the juice out of that magnum)or if not the gun may be 1/4"-1/2" shorter OAL. Basically, OAL of gun is the same. Weight of gun is the same. WSM costs more in a factory rifle. The ammo costs more and is harder to find. The rifle recoils more. I just don't see it.


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I've got 2 270Wins. Got a WSM and never looked back. Ballistics of a 7mm Mag, kick of a 270Win.
Had every wsm and wssm caliber in bolt guns, I no longer have any of them, They have no advantage over the originals that really make a big difference, at least not big enough to notice at normal hunting ranges. Plus unless you handload the ammo is getting way to hard to find for most except the 300 wsm. I was going to build a 7mm wsm to shoot at longer ranges a couple months ago till I started trying to find reasonably priced ammo, which didnt happen, then went to my reloading supply guy and he found the brass was out of stock at 2 places plus it was going to be upwards of $48 for a bag when it became available I got a 25-06 remington in a Browning Bar Safari II and ive shot it out to 275-300 yards at targets and it is good enough, If I need bigger I'll go to my 300 win mag, and if thats not big enough I'll break out the 338 Lapua I just picked up.
If you have A .270 and want a wsm, get a .300 wsm. I think you'll like it.