3D Tournament - August 9 - Locust Grove

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Mark your calendars. Our 8th annual 3D archery tournament hosted by Strong Rock Outdoors will be held the morning of August 9 at Strong Rock Christian School in Locust Grove.
Check back in the next few days for more detailed information and an event flyer.
You can also check out pictures from last year's tournament at strongrockoutdoors.com.
Is it a shot gun start or can we show up any time before 11am? I would love to bring the family by. I work third shift and would not make it before 9am.


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Thanks for the shoot today!! Yall guys do a great job!!! Had a blast!!!! Won me a deer stand, got a chicken biscuit for breakfast and got to hear Gods word!!! Had a great time!!!
It's always great to fellowship with other believers, to participate in a sport I love. With my beautiful bride. perfect day
I enjoyed the shoot, It was my first time to shoot a tournament in about 40 Years and my first 3-D. It was a great time and some awesome Fellowship. Looking forward to next years shoot.