4-26, 27 at the ‘Hatch

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Went offshore on Saturday and caught a pile of BSB’s and grunts. Gotta bonus king 12-14 lbs on a live runner. Sunday morning we started early, ran a little south and ended up with 8 legal trout in about two hours. Caught a fair number of shorts and a few ladyfish with them. We headed in after that to get things straightened up at camp and back home before too late. Weather was good, a little choppy on the way out Saturday, but it calmed off to,almost flat by 10:00 or so.


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Glad you did well! We were out there this weekend and went north and south. Did purdy good as far as numbers but the boat traffic from that tournament Saturday was incredible. Wish we had a boat a little bigger to be able to hit some of those offshore spots