love my 41 mag !!!! My favorite load for deer and hogs is CCI 350 primer and 21.0 gr 296 or h110 pushing a 210 gr sierra sport master. This works great out of my ruger red hawk with 7.5 inch barrel


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I have had good results killing deer with both a 210 JSP and an XTP.

I started with 2400 and still use it but have heard H110 has advantages.

I have Killed deer with a 4 5/8" Blackhawk, 7.5" Redhawk and a 10" Contender barrel.
I like the .41 Magnum a lot!


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I load the XTPs with H110 also but try the Cast Performance LBTs for a bit more punch; 250 gr at 1400 fps with H110.

Craving a Henry carbine to go with my Blackhawk !! Missed opportunity to get an 1894 several years ago and it has haunted me ever since.
I've been using the 41 Mag for years, myself and two Brother in Laws I use the Keith type SWC cast, 215 grs over a dose of Blue Dot and love it. I also load the Barnes 180 gr XPB and it is awesome, also with Blue Dot Ive taken a good many hogs and few deer with it, never a failure


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another vote for H110, 20-21 grains, I use a Fed 150 primer and have for over 30 years. Nosler 210 HP works great for me