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Who has killed deer with a 45-70? I am thinking of making a trade and getting a 45-70 single shot handi rifle. Who has shot one of these ? The owner of the gun says it kicks so bad he wouldnt put a scope on it ?
Did not help the 7 th Cavalry at the Little big horn. The 45-70 has been around for a long time and yes it will kill a deer.


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I know a guy has one. I didnt soot it. But he said no big deal. But he is used to 30-06's 300's and 150 grain 50 cal muzzle loaders. Oh yeah, first time he shot it, he was 16. I say get it and scope it.
Oh yeah, he said it has crazy bullet energy and knock down.
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I shoot a 270 and love it and im one that says you dont need a mag or big gun to kill a deer but i thought it would be something to have fun with . Id hate to get something that is worse then a 12 ga on recoil
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What about mounts and scope , What scope and mounts would you guys put on a gun with that heavy of recoil ? And i dont know anything about the handi rifles , He says this gun has the 32 inch barrel if im not mistaking , not the short barrel


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The recoil isn't that bad in my opinion. Don't know about a scope, I don't have one on mine.


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I had one in a lever action. Kilt plenty of deer with it. Kick is no worse than a 3006.
I have one that is the lever action Marlin models. It kicks like a mule, but will flat knock something off its feet. I killed a 400lb hog in one shot that never moved from its tracks. I also have a 30-06. It kicks worse than it and I have a limb saver recoil pad on it.


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There is no way a 45-70 can kick more than a 3 1/2" 12 gauge OO buck. I mean I wouldn't want to shoot it all day, but 4 or 5 times to sight it in won't be that bad. Just drink a few brewskis afterwards.


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That 32" is likely the Buffalo Classic with the Williams /Lyman target sights, I don't know if it's tapped for scope mount capability. Those sights, that barrel and caliber opens up another realm of capabilities.
I've got the 22" rifle with a Burris Fullfield II 3x9x40 and Ballistic Plex reticle. It's held up to about 35ft.lbs of recoil when I was trying to establish a good load for the gun using a 300gr JHP being pushed with 60gr of IMR3031 at about 2100fps. I've since found a better load with 56gr of the same powder at 1740fps, my brother in law even likes it in his Marlin which now has the same scope too.
Dang, if I had that thing I'd just have to try some 500gr stuff out of it!


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Like others have said. Get a limbsaver for it. The honrady 325gr leverevolutions are good and recoil isn't too bad with that setup. I've got a 1-4x shotgun scope on mine that works very well.

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