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Anyone shooting 45 super or +p 45 ammo . I am interested in trying the loads from (_xxx_) manufacturer , but wanted some feedback on recoil, accuracy , etc.


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I've been carrying +P loads in my 1911's for years.

Zero issues, by ymmv.


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Thanks , I have always been a 9mm fan , but I am considering the world of the .45acp .

Years ago....when I concealed a full size gun it was generally a .45acp 1911. I'm working on setting up a 3" .45acp 1911 now. It's taking some work to ensure reliability. I think I'll need an aftermarket extractor and some additional range time.

I've always been well served by Glocks. Once they came out with the Gen4 in their G19 platform I found a super fit in my hand with the large BT backstrap on it. That backstrap + some GAP magazine floor plates and I was very impressed with the handling of the gun. i invested in some nice sights and a Milt Sparks IWB holster and I have what has been a really solid CCW for me.

The 9mm rounds I prefer are the Federal 9BPLE round. It's a +P+ 115gr load. I need to study up on some of the other defense rounds now available, too. I may be missing out on some of the modern stuff that's been developed. The little 9mm has really come a long way. The range ammo sure is easier on the wallet than other calibers for sure.

I still carry the .45acp guns on occasion....but that ugly little G19 has done so well for me that it's hard not to grab it every time. :rofl:


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I have changed my EDC from my .45ACP to other things depending on situation. I used Corbon 185 DPX in +P

I've got an ugly G19 Clone

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