5.3 million Scoville Heat Units and it is HOT!!!!

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OC spray is hel* in a can! WE all got sprayed yesterday. It is some bad stuff. My eyes are swollen, sore, and have a purple tint today. One guy passed out! He is asthmatic and he freaked himself out. I recovered in about 10 minutes. I did lose my breath a couple of times especially when they fanned me. I went third in the process and I am glad I did! I will definitely think twice before I spray a subject! It is some intense heat and pain. If you have never been OC'd, you don't want to! :mad: :speechles :eek: It was a good experience overall for us though! We had to help each other when we were finished.

I shot a 94.6 on the firearms! This is still in our in house training. My last scores were 91.6, 89.8, 94.6. Topgun is going to be between me an one other guy at mandate!

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